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Other Progressive USC Groups

Amnesty International

Amnesty International @ USC is a human rights advocacy organization that aims to increase campus education and involvement in human right campaigns around the world. Through various events we hope to educate the campus about current human right violations and as a campus come together to do our part to stop these acts from continuing. Join and become a part of this amazing and life-changing endeavor!!!


Campus and Community United (CCU)

We are Campus and Community members committed to empowering the University Park Community to create a just and vibrant neighborhood. We are USC’s first cross-discipline and multicultural group to promote neighborhood opportunity and a bottom-up community plan for Los Angeles with local grassroots community members. We are focusing on dealing with issues of displacement and affordable housing for both students and community members in the surrounding area.


Environmental Affairs Organization (EAO)

Our purpose is to work with the USC administration to develop a plan in which USC will switch its energy use from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable sources of energy.

Fight on for Darfur

We are USC’s chapter of STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network. While we were organized originally as a coalition to act against the conflict in Darfur, our aim is to address and fight against all instances of genocide and mass violence through education, fundraising, and advocacy.


Free Schools Figueroa Corridor

Free Schools Figueroa Corridor aims to create democratic, horizontal learning spaces where anyone who wants to can teach a class, take a class, or participate in the organizing of this learning collective.


International Socialist Organization

ISO organizes activists in workplaces and communities and on campuses in order to mobilize opposition to all forms of oppression and exploitation. The ISO believes that capitalism produces poverty, racism, famine, environmental catastrophe and war. By getting involved in struggles big and small, the ISO aims to build with others a society where we all have control over our lives. We believe another world is possible. And necessary.

Contact: Facebook – International Socialist Organization – Los Angeles (Announcements)

USC Men Care

USC Men Care is an all-male group dedicated to ending sexual violence and to fostering a campus culture where all feel safe.


Movimiento Estudiantil Xicana/o de Aztlan de USC

MEChA de USC is a historically Latino student activist organization based on campus since 1971. Since its inception, MEChA has striven toward its goals of educational equality, and cultural, political, and social awareness. MEChA and Mechistas seek to open the doors of higher education para nuestras comunidades and strive for a society free of imperialism, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Through our commitment to the principles of liberation and self-determination, we have been instrumental in creating a home for students of color at USC and working with our neighbors in South Los Angeles to struggle towards a more just community.

At MEChA we are here to help and support one another as we struggle to learn, and learn to struggle.


The Nook

The Nook brings together campus and community members once a month for a vibrant and intimate open mic night, expressing personal values and progressive visions for society through art performances and storytelling. Differences are celebrated, while intersecting values of social justice, peace, and free expression remind us of the importance of solidarity for social change. By showcasing a different organization and theme each month, performance and audience members alike engage in a collective creative discovery of how the personal is political, and the political relates to the entire community.


Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment (SCAPE)

SCAPE, as one of the only Asian Pacific American advocacy organization at USC, sees the development of the Asian Pacific American community at USC by creating entertaining and effective programming targeted at bringing awareness of the issues that Asian Pacific American are facing today, developing long term relationships with collegiate and community based organizations in order to have a stronger voice within and outside of USC, and fostering a creative and exciting organization for USC students to enjoy and feel rewarded in their time spent at USC.


Student Coalition Against Labor Exploitation (SCALE)

We are an organization that believes in justice for all working people. Our current campaign is trying to get USC to source its apparel from factories and companies that do not utilize sweatshop labor and believe in providing their workers a living wage.


Students for Justice in Palestine at USC

Part and parcel of the larger student movement sweeping university campuses across the United States, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members centered at the University of Southern California, and organized in accordance with democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, and self-determination for the Palestinian people. As an advocacy group, SJP believes that key principles grounded in international law, human rights, and basic standards of justice dictate concrete steps that will be fundamental to a fair and lasting resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Contact: Facebook – USC Students for Justice in Palestine (USC SJP)

Trojans for Equality

Trojans for Equality is a student initiative that focuses on promoting issues of equality to the USC campus community in the form of events, co-sponsorships or discussions. The goal is to be a pro-active organization that keeps queer equality in the campus consciousness beyond Proposition 8 and to provide wider education about equality within the campus community. 


The Technicolor Tree Tribe

… is a cooperative living space a few blocks from USC’s campus. The house strives to be a non-heirarchichal, queer, feminist, anti-racist, anti-classist, consensual, environmentally conscious, international, mind expanding SPACE.


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