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Fight on for Darfur

August 28, 2011

We are USC’s chapter of STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network. While we were organized originally as a coalition to act against the conflict in Darfur, now our aim is to address and fight against all instances of genocide and mass violence through education, fundraising, and advocacy.

We believe that concrete action against such atrocities only happens once people become informed about what is actually occurring in conflict regions. To this end, we put on events each semester that feature movie documentaries and speakers such as environmental activists, journalists, and USC professors, who provide valuable insights into how to understand these conflicts and the history behind them.

Much of our efforts are also devoted towards raising funds to donate to relief efforts and to help raise public awareness on a larger scale. Each semester, we choose a nonprofit to receive the proceeds of fundraiser parties, donation jars, and other activities we put on, in the hope that our combined resources can do a little bit to help.

Finally, we will be focusing on advocacy in this coming fall semester. There have recently been efforts on other university campuses to encourage campuses to avoid purchasing conflict minerals, or to divest from companies that use conflict minerals. USC, with its large endowment, undoubtedly has some weight to throw around on this matter. We hope to encourage the student body to pressure the university administration to use its considerable influence in the right way.

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