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No Gods, No Masters

May 10, 2011

President Barack Obama is a sociopath. His remote-controlled Predator drones have murdered thousands of Pakistanis in the past two years. His administration stands behind the Bahraini and Yemeni regimes that have gunned down hundreds of protestors in the streets in recent months; until a matter of weeks ago, indeed, Obama found dictators Gaddafi and Mubarak acceptable partners, having transferred billions to the Egypt’s tyrant security apparatus in just the past two years. In late 2010, Obama pushed through the single largest arms deal in history—this a $60 billion package to the Saudi dictatorship. He firmly supports Israel’s colonization of Palestine, as seen clearly in the veto by his UN representative of a Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories. In blatant self-contradiction, Obama has not only closed the Guantánamo Bay prison camp but in March 2011 announced it would resume military tribunals there. Less than a year after the genesis of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, furthermore, Obama’s administration authorized British Petroleum to resume deepwater oil-drilling operations in the Gulf; he presses forward with $36 billion in loan-guarantees for the construction of nuclear reactors in the U.S., even after the disaster at the Fukushima-Daichi plant. The 2012 federal budget agreed to by Obama contains $38.5 billion in cuts to critical social programs such as heating assistance for low-income households and HIV-prevention programs. He has authorized massive expansions in the exploitation of coal, a move that will surely exacerbate the climate catastrophe that presently kills an estimated 350,000 people a year. Obama stands entirely with the transnational capitalist class that oversees and directs the ruin of humanity.

Enthusiasm for his re-election cannot reasonably be justified.


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