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“Critical Fragments” from Days of the Commune (1955) by Bertolt Brecht

May 10, 2011

Realizing that it is our weakness

That enables you to pass your laws

We resolve in future to abandon meekness

And the law hereon will justify our cause

Realizing that you hold us captive

With loaded pistols at our heads

We resolve in future not to fear your torture

Slavery is worse than death

Realizing that you keep us hungry

So that you yourselves have all the more

We resolve that all that keeps us from the pantry

Can be overcome by breaking down the door

Realizing that you keep us homeless

While around us houses stand unused

We have now resolved to put an end to trespass

From now on every worker shall be housed

Realizing that we won’t persuade you

Into paying us a living wage-labor

We resolve that we will take the factories from you

Realizing that your loss will be our gain

Realizing that we can’t depend on

All the promises our rulers make

We’ve resolved for us the Good Life starts with freedom

Our future must be built by our dictate


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