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Table of Contents

March 2, 2011

1. Introduction, Statement of Principles, Upcoming Events

2. 2011: A New Beginning?

By Javier Sethness

3. Community Resistance Against Policing and Displacement: Los Angeles Community Action Network

by General Dogon

4. Poem

by max

5. LA May Day Music and Arts Festival

by Tiffany

6. Starting a Free School Around USC

by max

7. Second Dialogue between Anarchos and Philanarchos: Anarchist Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

by Jonathan V.

8. Anarchism Against Climate Barbarism

by Javier Sethness

9. Climate Change “Solutions”

by wildcat

10. Violence and Social Change: When does one hit back?

by max

11. Strange Neighbors

by Jonathan V.

12. A minor thought experiment

by wildcat

13. Sometimes you just get the mean reds …

by Sherry

14. Art and Body Shape

15. Music Lacking Strokes

by Jacob

16. Back Cover Quotes

17. Cover Art

by Lis

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