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May Day Music and Arts Festival to Take Place in USC Neighborhood by Tiffany

March 2, 2011

USC’s Student Activists for a Beloved Community and the Hoover Recreation Center are working in collaboration to produce the 1st-annual Los Angeles May Day Festival, to take place 10AM-10PM on April 30, 2011 at the Hoover Recreation Center (at the intersection of Adams and Hoover). The festival aims to promote a greater sense of community togetherness by creating a space where local residents and USC students can come together to share in the joy of music and participate in a free exchange of ideas in celebration of the spirit of May Day.

Admission will be free to all, with a suggested donation of a stamped envelope. SABC will use the donated envelopes to flood the Dole Food Company’s inboxes with letters from consumers, demanding the company provide compensation for the medical expenses of the five-hundred banana workers currently suffering from the ill-effects of the pesticide DBCP used on the company’s banana farms in the 1970’s.

The festival will include a variety of music and art installations and a kids’ area, as the organizers hope to attract a diverse crowd of music and art lovers of all ages. The producers are currently booking student bands, DJs, and LA-based musicians with local followings, and are hoping to confirm at least one nationally-recognizable headliner. We’d really appreciate any help we can get, mostly promoting. If you’re a musician that is interested in performing, or an activist interested in raising awareness about an issue, let us know! Contact Tiffany Scalia at


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