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So…Who Are We?

August 24, 2010

Hey, you’ve just opened the first issue of The Undercurrent! You probably don’t know what to expect. Perhaps, you are a little curious (and maybe anxious) because of the cover art. Thankfully, we’re not a bunch of violent, hippy conspiracy theorists. Rather, we see ourselves as USC students who hold a certain view of the world and have come together to create something novel.

We want this zine to be the voice of radicals at USC.

When we say radical, we mean thinking outside the status quo. We seek to view the world in ways that are not prescribed by tradition or convention.

This issue has been written by mostly anarchists, but we want this to be a venue for varying political ideologies.

This zine was lacking. USC is a goldmine of rich and diverse communities that we were unable to include. We especially want to extend an olive branch to the LGBTAQI and enthic-based groups on campus to contribute content and share their perspectives. We need your perspectives to add those crucial experiences that are excluded by the mainstream.

To submit an article or come to a meeting, please contact us at We plan on creating a web version of the zine in the near future.

Statement of Principles

  1. The Undercurrent is an outlet for non-mainstream views on politics and culture expressed through reasoned argument or in a creative manner. We define mainstream as standard partisan political views. We seek to provide alternative interpretations of world events and to bring attention to those stories that are under-reported.
  2. We oppose all forms of oppression, domination, and alienation. We strive to promote social justice, human rights, and direct democracy in the USC community and anywhere else we can effect change.
  3. Anyone can submit content. To be seriously considered for publication, all submissions must provide evidence, be consistent with The Undercurrent’s principles, and go through a group editing process. Nonfiction submissions should provide evidence and sources.
  4. We function as a non-hierarchical, non-commercial, democratically run cooperative. The Undercurrent is freely distributed and relies on donations for publication materials.

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